Due to the cancellation of a significant mining project a new and unused +2500 Man high-spec camp has become available for immediate sale. The units were manufactured in 2012/13 and have been stored in high quality warehousing since being manufactured.


This is a unique opportunity to acquire a complete +2500 Man Hard Shelter Camp manufactured and equipped to an extremely high specification. Available for immediate shipment, this design and specification would normally take +/- 18 months to build and complete.

The Camp is equipped and furnished to an extremely high standard and consists of a complete +2000 Man Main Camp and 10 complete 50 Man Camps.

The +2000 Man Main Camp includes:

770 x 2 Person Single Occupancy Accommodation modules with en-suite ablutions 9x3m
84 x 8 Person Occupancy Accommodation modules 12x3m 83 x Separate Ablution Modules
12 x Camp Administration, Security, Induction Centres
1 x 1300 Person Mess
1 x 800 Person Mess
1 x 200 Person Mess
Fully equipped Kitchens
1 x Medical Clinic
4 x Medical Centres
6 x First Aid Posts Kitchens
4 x Fully Equipped Laundries
7 x Recreation and Wet Mess Facilities

  • +2000 Man Main Camp (Continued)

  • 11 x Prayer Rooms
    7 x Gymnasiums
    8 x Offices 90 person
    2 x Offices 60 person
    23 x Offices 30 person
    13 x Guardrooms
    4 x Fire Station
    11 x Vehicle Maintenance buildings
    5 x Bus Shelter
    6 x Diesel Power Generators
    14 x 20ft containers HDPE Drainage Pipes
    Water Treatment Potable 20 x modules
    Water Treatment Waste 20 x modules
    Activated Sludge waste Treatment
    14 x 20,000 gallon Potable Bladder Tanks
    5 x 37,000L Diesel Fuel Tanks and dispensing equipment

Each 50-Man Camp


10 weighs approximately 490 tons and comprises:

2 x 315 kva Doosan P126Ti-11 Silent Generators
5 x 2 Person Single Occupancy Accommodation modules with en-suite ablutions 9x3m
5 x 8 Person Accommodation modules 12x3m
3 x Ablution modules Male 9x3m
1 x Ablution module GP 12x3m
50 Person Mess Hall 2 x 12x3m
50 Person Kitchen 2 x 12x3m
50 Person Laundry 2 x 12x3m
10 Person Office Block 2 x 12x3m
2 Person Managers Office 1 x 12x3m
1 x First Aid Clinic 1 x 12x3m
1 x Fire Station 1 x 12x3m
1 x Guardhouse 2 x 12x3m
2 x Cold Store and Pantry modules 2 x 9x3m
Water Containers Potable 18,000ltrs
Potable Water Processing container module x 1 RO
Wastewater Processing container module x 1 STP
5 x Polythene Water Tanks

Full Shipping and Logistics Plan


The Camp can be expanded to accommodate an additional +2000 personnel by converting the office units to accommodation. In addition to the sale of the Camp, we also offer a full shipping and logistics service, camp layout design and construction and O & M services, if required.


Key Facts


10 x 50 Man Camps 490 tons per 50 man camp, 4900 tons total
1 x 2000 MAN Camp 23,000 tons total
±500 Shipping Containers
2372 Flat-Packed Pre-Fabricated Buildings
81,000 Cubic Metres
820 x Single Occupancy 2 Person 9x3m Modules housing 1640 people with Private WC and Shower
134 x 8 Person 12x3m Modules housing 1072 people with separate ablutions
All Shipping Containers, CSC plated, included in the sale

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